Design something.

Design something.


Next in our EC Methodology Series... design something! It might sound obvious, but before you start building something you should probably design it first. Here we break down the very basics.

Raphaël: Hey, and welcome back to
our series on EC's methodology.

Last time we clarified some
terminology around what an app is.

Today we'll cover the importance
of sketching out ideas before

building your digital product.

First things first, you'll want to come
up with at least some basic designs.

These could literally be just some
rectangles representing screens

with some basic arrows showing how
people should interact with them,

like a step up from napkin drawings.

As with many things, there
are a few questions you should

answer before you start.

Specifically, we like to think
of who, why, what and how.

If you're at the point that you're ready
to build an app, you should definitely

have a who and a why, and you probably
have an inkling of a what, because you've

decided that you want an app of some sort.

We frame the technical stuff, like
how the code is written and what

technologies we're gonna use as the how.

But before that we need a what?

That's where design comes in.

When some people think of design,
they think make it pretty.

But before that, we need to design
features, flows and screens.

Features, address a user's needs
a flow, addresses the steps that

lead them through that feature,
and a screen allows us to identify

what they need to see at each step.

Having an idea of what we need
to build gives us the information

we need to determine how we're
going to go about implementing it.

This is not a one time thing.

We may have a rough idea for the
long term plan for the app, but we

will constantly need to design new
features and update existing ones.

We'd love to hear what your
design process is like.

Feel free to get in touch and
let us know, what has worked

well for you or what hasn't.

We'd love to learn from your
experiences as well as share our own.

Follow us if you wanna keep up with this
series, we have a lot more to share.

We're constantly updating our process
and trying to learn from ourselves,

our partners, and our community.

And if you think we could work
together, we'd love to hear from you

about how we could partner up and
help you launch your next project.

See you next time.

Creators and Guests

Raphaël Titsworth-Morin
Raphaël Titsworth-Morin
Raphaël is one of the co-founders of Éphémère Creative. He is a developer, designer, and digital jack of all trades.