Deliver. Continuously.

Deliver. Continuously.

Raphaël: Hey folks.

And welcome back to our
series on ECS methodology.

Last time we talked about admin panels.

This time we're going to
talk about automation.

You do not want to get stuck manually
deploying the latest version of your app.

That path leads to
bottlenecks and uncertainty.

You need to make sure that features get
delivered into people's hands through

smooth, automated, consistent processes.

Modern tools make it easier to
automate huge swaths of the software

development and deployment process.

If you ever find that you or a
teammate are manually tweaking things

on a server during a deployment, ask
yourself this: what happens if that

teammate suddenly leaves something
happens to them or they're unavailable.

How do you get the app into production?

Can you do it?

What if you haven't deployed in my couple
months, do you remember all the steps?

Do you have them properly documented?

Are you sure that
documentation is up to date?

For every app that we build, we
also make sure to use a continuous

integration and delivery pipeline.

That makes sure that code is
consistently and automatically tested,

compiled, packaged, and deployed.

We usually use tools like
get lab CIC D and Pulumi.

But you can also use Terraform
CircleCI and GitHub Actions.

There's plenty of stuff out
there just to make sure that

it's consistent and automated.

Not only does this reduce the amount
of work required for deployment,

it also reduces fragility and
forces you to consider the steps

required to deploy an application
since you have to code them out.

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Thanks and see you next time.